We have built a platform with the self-employed worker in mind. PayArmour™, our proprietary invoice payment protection tool, helps to resolve the more than 71% of independent workers experiencing client late- and non-payment.

With PayArmour™, you can say goodbye to chasing unpaid invoices. We’ll take on that task, giving you more time to do what you do best.

How Does It Work?

PayArmour™ allows you to send quotes and invoices to anyone, anywhere, and get paid by Joust upfront. You can choose from two different invoice guarantee options:

  1. Same-day funding for individual invoices up to $5000 for a flat fee of 6% (making 50% instantly available and the rest when your customer pays)
  2. OR guarantee receipt of payment within 30 days on invoices up to $2500 for a flat fee of 1%

Let's Get You Started

PayArmour™ invoice protection is just a few steps away. Here’s how you get qualified:

  1. Sign up for a Joust account
  2. Link your bank account
  3. Make sure your invoice is related to a business transaction (we don't support personal payments)
  4. Successfully process 2+ transactions with Joust of at least $500 in total
  5. Send an invoice with PayArmour™

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